December 26, 2006

Mad Catter Purloined!

A Sorry Bulletin: as a former agent in service to our nation, Alberto the Mad Catter's whereabouts are unknown thanks to a dastardly bunch of kitnappers who maurauded the premises over the holidays.

Here you see our only evidence which is available because the estimable Lim heard a bump in the night and managed to snap the dastards in action--it's obvious this photo was snapped in the middle of the deed--just before the blindfold was tied around poor Alberto's seen-too-much-already eyes!

Mr.A.Cat Offers Reward...for information on the whereabouts of the Mad Catter leading to his speedy return--and to the arrest of the kitnappers who were members of a suspiciously vicious band. This job was probably outsourced to a foreign agency to give pawsable deniability to the varmints!

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