December 3, 2006

Lim helps out Stars Over Washington

In a break with tradition, Mr A.Cat and Lim have generously agreed to allow me to post the natal sunrise chart of poisoned spy Alexander Litvinenko (with my hand-written scribbles added on the outside of the day he was poisoned in London, Nov 1, 2006.)

For unknown reasons, BLOGGER has not cooperated with my posting of this chart at my political astrology blog, Stars Over Washington where it should be so please don't growl or fuss if you've moseyed here to Lim's Limericks expecting a new and sassy limerick only to find Litvinenko's natal chart.

Do, however, click on the SO'W link if you'd like to read about this whole sordid and sad affair--you'll find chart details there. It is quite a mystery why it will not show up on SO'W as an image when it will show up here at Lim's.

UPDATE: Lim has been on a mission of some sort which he'll not divulge, of course, but hopefully he will be sprucing up his blog pretty soon!

Thanks for understanding, and if you have any gripes, please contact host BLOGGER, ok?

jude, the annoyed
(thanks! to Mr A.Cat and Lim)