December 13, 2006

Feline Spies Revealed

Yes, it's a sorry case when spies are revealed but Mr.A.Cat insisted on outing his former compadres.

He also insists that I post this pithy limerick which should anger several of his colleagues with its implications. This I cannot help.

When felines are up to the ropes
and presidents have little hopes
of taking the day
in Baghdad they say
just give us the yeas but no nopes.

With Senator Johnson gone down
the Senate's the talk o'the town
determined to win
has Rove struck again
to turn the Dem smile to a frown?

We hope that this isn't the case
with poison all over the place
but some lucky breaks
support the big stakes
and wound without leaving a trace.


(Whew! Mr.A.Cat is permanently suspicious and eternally curious, isn't he? But that must have been a perfect combo for his time in the service, I suspect!--jc)

Late UPDATE on Senator Johnson's condition...seems he did not have a stroke or a heart attack after all South Dakota senator hospitalized...

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