December 16, 2006

Alberto the Mad Catter

Mr.A.Cat is at it again--outing his former colleagues at the Agency. Here you see Alberto the Mad Catter, as he was called in the service, and Mr.A has written a new limerick in honor of Alberto and his former boss,Mr. Tony Blair...who is under a sleaze watch supreme and mired in deep poo feathers thanks to his own political wheeler-double-dealing!

A spycat they call the Mad Catter
was up for a chat and some patter
like Blair with his sleaze
quite up to his knees
his bank account could get no fatter.


Touche, Mr. A, touche! -jc (I'm just the typist here)

note: Lim has been in and out of my household of late on missions of all sorts...perhaps he will return in the next few days for a long stay. My dinner menu may only hope. But for now, visit to see what I may be having for din din--baked, broiled, steamed, or stewed--when Chef Lim returns! Is there a (tummy) growl in here or are you just glad to starve me?

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