November 10, 2006

kittens who run

Yes, it's Princess Grace waiting for her breakfast in bed earlier this morning.

Not much going on around here other than Grace diverting Lim away from his dinner duties...he's in the kitchen now, busy fileting the
Dreamyfish for tonight's savory stew...and Grace is definitely not a running kitten, as you see!

In honor of the recent Dem midterm rout--which Mr.A.Cat seems mighty suspicious of, I may say--here's a limerick with two stanzas, if you can manage them:

Don't mess with the kittens who run
to look for their spot in the sun
they'll end up the same
you never will tame
the big-headed kittens who won.

At first they'll be working for you
but monkeyshines soon will ensue
you know they'll be cheeky
and frequently freaky
the cats in our national zoo.


note from typist: I tried to change the last line to: "your confidence they will undo" since Mr.A.Cat has insensitively offended Washington's National Zoo denizens in a previous limerick, but he seems to take my opinions in bad part, and insists on lower case n and z.

Oh!--gotta go--Princess Grace has deigned to arise and meows for my company! ;)

11.10.06 1:01 pm est