November 6, 2006

Kitten from Bluster

As the midterm elections approach and the President stumps wherever he can--assumingly on the taxpayers' dime--Lim has brought a new verse to me direct from Mr.A.Cat with his compliments:

Beware of the kitten from Bluster
who brings all the war you can muster
the risk is all yours
as men die in scores
elitism losing its luster.


a note from your typist:

VOTE Rs OUT!! bin Laden prefers war-mongering Republicans--a good enough reason NOT to give him what he wants--and Rs let him escape when he could've been caught for 9/11. Now we have perpetual war with the Rs in control--is this what you want for your children? Yes, I know that many of the Ds are enablers and more, but they're our only hope for a better course and a New Perspective, so

VOTE on Nov 7--please! -jc (this message approved by Mr.A.Cat)

11.6.06 10:08 am est


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