November 12, 2006

fat cat turned Paraguayan has an article about the Bush family's timely purchase of approximately 100,000 acres of land in northern Paraguay.

And now that Mr.A.Cat has got word of it, here's his mockery-of-the-day for your perusal:

A fat cat has turned Paraguayan
while soldiers he sent out are dyin'
the War Crimes Commission
around him is fishin'
a big hidey hole he is buyin'.

The largest of aquifers there
you know now but he doesn't care
our sons and our daughters
aren't worth all those waters
he'll wash them right out of his hair.

A hasty escape he will make
from cutting the Iraqi cake
he's walkin' on air
with devil-may-care
Sun Myung Moon his neighbor will make.


Yep, that's right--Sun Myung Moon's property is next door to George's new digs--tres cozy! And Moon's property sits upon the largest water aquifer in Latin America. They can bottle their own water and schmooze around the barbeque about the good times...leaving Scott McClellan to rock on the porch in Crawford all by his lonesome. Never thought I'd feel sorry for him! -jc, your typist in harness