October 23, 2006

young kitten from Dow

Meow, says Wall Street, look at us--we closed on a high again today! Preen preen! But Mr.A.Cat wonders what's REALLY going on with these slinky wheeler dealers...behind the whiskers, ya might say!

There was a young kitten from Dow
who ate rather high on the sow
the market shot up
he's filling his cup
as much as the law will allow.


Looks like this post has earned me a place at Lim's dinner table this evening--the fragrant Breaksea Cod Stew is a-bubbling now. You may find such a cod's portrait at Dreamyfish Art if you like!

And as you may know, Dreamyfish Art is now proud to be a link partner with the Agora Gallery in NYC. You'll find Dreamyfish listed in Agora's Nature and Wildlife section, and if you're hoofing around New York, you'll find the Agora Gallery at two locations: the Chelsea and the SoHo art districts.

10.23.06 7:54 pm