October 28, 2006

Two Kittens from Lemming

Four verses from Mr.A.Cat this morning, 6 am by phone. Through yawns I shall type it out for you, if you will, titled as above:

There once were two kittens from Lemming
whose Iraqi propects were dimming
to cut and run now
would weaken the DOW
portfolios emptied or slimming.

So keep US boots on the sand
fulfill Halliburton's demand
for millions and more
they took us to war
as if it were Custer's Last Stand.

Just who are these kittens from Lemming
uncovered by Downing Street meming?
one last name is Blair
who's devil-may-care
on tv he's hawing and hemming.

The other is bushy and bad
who swept into office by chad
this cat's getting fatter
he's mad as a hatter
a bounder a liar a cad.


(and what can I add? ;D -jc)

10.28.06 12:57 pm edt...REMEMBER to turn back your USA clocks an hour at 2 am, Sunday...to the Real Time)