October 18, 2006

kitten from Lay

Well, the kitten pictured here sure knows how to 'lay'...it's Lim's royal cousin from the UK, Sir Wylie of Wyles Earl of Ashencoat, who's come for a smally visit.

So far, this is his main activity although he IS a handsome lad and has regaled us with his exploits in the Service--for he was a colleague of Mr.A.Cat in days of yore.

Speaking of Mr.A.Cat, here's his latest lim for your consideration:

Be sad for the kitten from Lay
who died just before he could pay
the judge said abate
but don't celebrate
his millions removed from the fray.

So was his demise kinda funny?
A.Cat says to follow the money
if it disappears
on cigars and beers
you'll know he's romancing his honey.


10.18.06 6:30 pm