October 3, 2006

the herding of cats--lest we forget

With all that's diverting the media and perhaps the public from Bush's torture touting and his Geneva Conventions undermining (morphing the US into Germany 1933), Mr.A.Cat wants me to post this long and rather high-fallutin' limerick for your consideration. This should ruffle some fur, or I miss my guess.

So if it ruins your dinner, don't say you weren't warned, ok?

The herding of cats taking place
is not what it seems on its face
kitnap from the street
electrodes to feet
the torture that won't leave a trace.

Don't mind if the intell is wrong
when secret rendition's the song
like hornets in hives
they sing for their lives
Musharraf and Blair play along.

(it gets worse-jc)

Our standards have gotten so low
barbarity's catching you know
they call Bush a liar
with panties on fire
astounding how far he will go.

When Falwell and Dobson do preach
you'd think that to God they'd beseech
forgive us our sins
and fat double chins
like bankrupted whales on the beach.

As Bush takes the moral high ground
a rarified air he has found
but who is he kiddin'?
he's doing the biddin'
of satan who'd acing this round.

It takes more than secretive ways
to fight old man evil these days
he's tricky and wily
while lookin' so smiley
you need Truth to cut through his haze.

So give up the lie with its veil
and cowboys on horses so pale
if you recognize
your own lying eyes
you know that God's Word will not fail.


Amen! But I have no idea how a cat could write these verses, yet there they are. That was a lot of typing for me just for leftovers tonight, but the Baked False Senator Wrasse Casserole was extra delish, so I won't quibble. Quibbling we get plenty of from Washington. Don't know about you, Dear Reader, but I'm quite quibbled out.

10.3.06 7:17 pm