October 30, 2006

Cats Mexi-can

Back in July I provided you with Proof of Lim's Secret Activities which I hope you've investigated fully. You may as well know the truth about SOMEthing because you won't get any from Washington, as Mr.A.Cat likes to pithily remind us.

Now here's a nasty bit o'work from the very bottom of the mailbag--not sure how it's been overlooked up until now, but my week's dinner schedule now depends on my typing it out for you:

They took all the cats in the land
combined with the cats Mexi-can
with Canada too
the notion soon grew
for Union d' Nor'Merican.

Forget US borders for now
in spite of the cats who meow
with delicate wording
all cats they are herding
ignoring their bark and bow wow.

So God bless America, George
you drove her on over the gorge
with great aspiration
you sold out the nation
her chains hammered out in your forge.

Your hex and your curse growing still
you pilfered the pie from the sill
then stormed DC proper
while telling a whopper
six years you've been raiding the till.

The US is bankrupt, so thanks
you're spying on all of our banks
no privacy here
but pass us a beer
a dry drunk is driving the tanks.

In spite of your shucks and your jives
the plum you pulled out is our lives
you stuck in a thumb
because we were dumb
while Kerry and Gore took the dive.

You're in it together 'tis plain
it's obvious you're all insane
your mass bubble-think
has us on the brink
your kool-aid is spiked with champagne.


10.30.06 9:45 pm EST

(Well, this verse is little-the-worse for wear what with the midterm elections next week. Let's turn out in great numbers and VOTE! stop letting politicians define our world!-jc)