October 14, 2006

cat lies through hat

Lim has been off on a mission of some sort for several days now--hence my lapse into song mimicry in my last post. He hasn't seen it yet--hope dinner's not in jeopardy.

So today I'm delving into one of the mailbags Mr.A.Cat sent here in July--and in the darkest corner of the last packet I found this:

It wasn't the cat on the Hill
nor kittens promoting the shill
it must be the cat
who lied through his hat
then sent the taxpayers the bill.


Well! Wish I'd known that before--all this time I thought it WAS the cat on the Hill...

and I suppose everyone got through Friday the thirteenth without po'ing a black cat, meowww?

jc 10.14.06 1:02 pm

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