October 16, 2006

cat from Toledo

Lim has returned from his secret mission, tryst, rendevous--not sure which, and he won't meow a thing about it, but he has brought along a new lim directly from Mr.A.Cat just for you cats and kittens:

You dislike the cat from Toledo
who looks awfully bad in his Speedo
but he fits DC
with hypocrisy
the lining of pockets his creedo.

Well-versed in the shuck and the jive
the busiest bee in the hive
yet November comes
he'll run out of plums
unless the dim Dems take a dive.

Then what may we hope from this crew?
They take bribes from globalists, too
credentials not spiffy
their motives are iffy
the world bank providing the glue.


(No harm meant to Toledo cats! It just rhymes, Lim assures me. And I'm wondering about his spelling of 'creedo' (isn't it 'credo'?) but it seems he's got hopes for our midterm elections. Yet there's still Rove's October Surprise simmering on his warlock's hob--Karl's stirring the cauldron and cackling now...

...fortunately for me, Lim's stirring something on the hob, too--tonight's din din! It'll be Surf without Turf, you can be sure. The only mooing around here is from Washington's cash cows that A.Cat writes about.)

This from NewsMax.com: Bush and Rove 'Upbeat'