October 4, 2006

cat from Denial

Ok, so Lim and I just watched the Bill Moyers on America program on PBS about Jack Abramoff, Tom Delay, and the GOP's K Street diversion of MY government so when Mr.A.Cat phoned in another limerick about Bush's coup/Woodward's book I said, you betcha--I'll type it up for your blog.

Titled as above:

There once was a cat from Denial
whose subjects were starting to rile
a tell-all came out
in time for a rout
let's bake him a cake with no file.

Deserving of what he would mete
to those being whisked from the street
our freedoms to choke
his mandate a joke
he'll waterboard rinse and repeat.


(The only thing I'd change is that the "tell all" is more of a tell some. But then it wouldn't rhyme and you want limericks about fascism to rhyme if at all possible. Puh.)

jc 10.5.06 12:15 am