October 8, 2006

Cannibal Cats on the Hill

Mr.A.Cat is still on about the Republican stew which is taking the pages of Bob Woodward's book, State of Denial, off the frontpage and putting teen pages on instead.

Is this switch an improvement for Republican election fortunes in November? Well, Rove may have thought the "leaking" of Foley's IMs and emails was an improvement compared to what Woodward's been saying all over the place...and people are finally paying more attention to a bumbling, inept, and lying White House gone dingey with Republican "family values" and "integrity."

Obviously, the mothers of America care about their teens more than people in cushy government jobs do--esp if it means covering up the sleeze to hang on to the cushy jobs.

Now here are some verses from A.Cat, who has served our nation well enough to know what he's meowin' about:

The cats on the Hill eat their own
when State of Denial is shown
they leak naughty news
to time how they choose
and keep Georgie Bush on the throne.

With Foley cat kicked by the road
the Party's still run by a toad
to step down's a thing
not backed by the king
ignoring the Democrats' goad.

The Rs style the story a leak
because re-elections they seek
in spite of the rage
of parent and page
while Hastert enabled a freak.


10.8.06 1:08 pm edt