October 25, 2006

Arabian Cat

Arabian cat likes to choose
who stands in the president's shoes
it must be a bully
engaging him fully
so martyrs appear in the news.

No pacifist cat need apply
diverting the wicked and sly
Arabian kitty
testosterone city
won't meet in the sweet bye'n'bye.

Is Peace on the backburner now
a whimper of kitten meow?
a cultural clash
by fire and ash
turns lullaby into ka-pow.

Life's sanctity into a joke
a civilization in smoke
so how do you figure
your bully is bigger
when both sides are feeling the choke?

With suicide march to the end
a bomb is a lemming's best friend
reptilian brain
is friggin' insane
while Bush plays the feint and pretend.


(It is what it is--jc) 10.25.06 1:20 pm