September 9, 2006

a tango with cats

This morning four verses arrived by Special Delivery from Mr.A.Cat, but I'm not sure if they're meant to be typed all in a row--which might make them duck limericks if they weren't so totally about cats:

A tango with cats from the gov
may garner a vote but no love
in office they lie
their poll numbers die
impeach when the Bush comes to shove.

The US of A has a kitten
in London the Lion of Britain
for cameras they mug
but called on the rug
they haven't a scarf or a mitten.

The network they call ABC
did film for the grand GOP
it's drama not real
but see how you feel
when watching it on your tv.

We'll stir up the Rs vs Ds
divide them however we please
then on a false note
we'll tally their vote
installing our puppet with ease.


(Hope this post satisifies our worthy nation-server, Mr.A.Cat, and that the Western Blue Devil Stew, which Lim is stirring on the hob, is meant for my supper! If you wish, see Dreamyfish Art for an image of a lovely Western Blue Devil among other very fishy characters!)

9.9.06 12:06 pm