September 24, 2006


First I should say to all those who asked, No! Chef Lim Never Uses Spinach in any of his recipes. Thanks so much for your concern!

As I've stated previously, artichokes are the only representative of the vegetable kingdom Lim will countenance on his own plate although he will stir me up some corn or okra upon occasion. And he can bake a mean yam when he wants to.

But on to the reason for the above title--a verse phoned in from Mr.A.Cat just after dawn this a.m.

Is he putting his anxiety over the propaganda machine's manipulations of the American people above the recent and ongoing e-coli tragedy?

He doesn't think so--in fact, he's not sure from whence the infection cometh. And Mr.A.Cat has no love or trust for HoSec either--calls it a huge boondoggle and worse whenever he gets the chance--and has since its hatching!

Now for the Spinach verse--see what you think. Direct all complaints or remarks to our Complaint Department: Lim's Limericks if it makes you feel any better!

Bush Senior had broccoli no spinach
not veggie like Dennis Kucinich
but Shrub oversees
rhetorical fleas
that give everyone a bad spin itch.


9.24.06 12:36 pm