September 12, 2006

Lim's new crush--Isis!

Seems Lim has admitted to having a hopeless crush on Isis, sister of Zeus, who blog at Zeus Excuse . It's a sad tail, to be sure. Poor Lim--what has he to offer Isis but slavish adoration and a certain ill-humored tendency toward political limericks?

As evidence, I offer a lim by Lim himself based on yesterday's 9/11 Tributes by a silent Bush and wife, and broken by last evening's predictable terror tout:

When presidents go on the stump
with cynical wreaths meant to dump
the gleam in their eyes
designed to improve on their slump.

A day passed in silence he broke
as crass propaganda he spoke
the public was mooned
his violin tuned
democracy's engine to choke.

by Lim 9.12.06 1:47 pm

Nice effort, Lim--perhaps Isis will notice, you poor lovestruck kitty cat! jc