September 4, 2006

the kitten speaks on Labor Day

If you need to catch up on Bush's Labor Day speechifying hypocrisy read Bush Warns on Foreign Oil Dependence . Seems Lim and Mr.A.Cat have already checked it out...and A.Cat has phoned in this limerick in honor of the Labor Day propaganda Bush is catapultin' atcha:

A kitten all covered in oil
set all of our tempers to boil
with Labor Day speech
he started to preach
exhorting us to harder toil.

He blames low-wage jobs on our fuel
and wants you to work like a mule
while he sleeps on lace
and lies to your face
the press is a wonderful tool.

He'll build a big nuclear plant
next door to your uncle and aunt
but don't think they'll suffer
he'll put up a buffer
just fall for his Labor Day rant.


September 4, 2006 3:42 pm