September 6, 2006

kitten of Blair and the fearful cat

UPDATE Thursday: Below you see two lims--and the second one now has another verse just as ill-humored as the first--but Lim is threatening a chef's strike if I don't add it NOW:

>Original post starts here:

Well, I've got Lim AND Mr. A.Cat grumped up at me for not posting their Bush limerick yesterday, and now they're yowling about a Blair one, too, so here goes:

We sing of the kitten from Blair
who clings to his throne by a hair
he tries not to dread
the cut of a thread
revealing his lies laid so bare.

Now for a Bushie moment (I like this one):

A fearful cat went on the stump
promoting to fluff up his slump
revealed as a thief
America feels like his chump.

The people don't smell what he's cookin'
he lied when he thought we weren't lookin'
a criminal mind
has stolen us blind
and now what he needs is a bookin'.


9.6.06 7:56 pm-->update 9.7.06 11:37 pm (past the typist's bedtime)