September 25, 2006

Howie Rich and the propaganda pig

After my foray into versehood with the recent Gerry Mander, it's happened again.

Due to my SO'W post yesterday on Howie Rich, the wealthy New York real estate investor who's behind "Americans For Limited Government" (ALG) and his network of organizations that fund GOP initiatives--including a touring pig to get out the vote--I've written my own verse this morning in honor of current political stinkiness, and the perverted cynicism of their websites such as so here goes (guess this get-out-the-limericking has rubbed off):

Does Howie Rich know Richie Howe?
For if he does please tell me now.
New York investors use a sow
for propaganda they would plow.

Get out the vote dam* spot I say
so Dems will win just what they may
they want the pup to have his day
before the wagon drives away.

Bush catapults and intervenes
to cover up his fascist leans
then acts like royal kings and queens
with ends to justify the means.

jc 9.25.06 11:25 am

Check out for more swill including ALG's "Chairman Emeritus", Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK.)

My apologies to most NY real estate investors who never hang out with pigs--ya know who ya are.

Q: how daft would anyone have to be to take on the poop piles this pound puppy and his pack will be leaving behind? You can be sure--unless Americans come out in Droves AND we're given a real candidate (who'll have to be daft)--that the new boss and the old boss will be on the same page...that is, pooing on the same paper.

Perhaps...the NY Times?


UPDATE 10.3.06: Well well well--you may have noticed that the above link for StopThePork is no longer working, surprise surprise. I didn't delete it because I thought they'd want the site up and running--seems it's running all right har har!
Poor little piggies...wee wee wee...