September 16, 2006

globalist cat meets papal cat

In spite of the fact that all through my life some of the kindest people I've known have been of the Catholic persuasion, Lim insists on my posting this limerick from Mr.A.Cat who knows a thing or two about globalist conspiracies, and intends, Lim assures me, no harm to the rank and file.

The Vatican is another matter. No sacred cows among these felines, and if I want dinner, it seems I must comply:

A cat from the US of A
says just what the pope wants to say
while putting it out
with flourish and tout
he took what the market would pay.

Pretending to have a solution
he undermines our Constitution
no laws and no borders
are safe from his orders
he looks to a priest for ablution.

His quest takes a kiss on the ring
for it's not your usual bling
allegiance to pay
the masses to sway
a worldwide agenda they sing.

So don't fall for globalist cat
he isn't so cool or all that
he cheerleads with pep
while marching in step
and hangs with the pope at the Vat.


Here's a link to an article from CommonDreams dated Jan 2, 2004 where the Pope Calls for a New World Order and this would be, of course, John Paul II. The subtitle for this article is:

"UN's failure to halt US war on Iraq leads to a new initiative." !!!!!!!!!

Au contraire--the UN's failure was part of the whole charade with a "New World Order"--the globalist conspiracy which Lim and Mr.A.Cat keep meowin' about, and which I, Jude Cowell, post on over at Stars Over Washington --being the End Game!

Ain't they sneaky? The UN, the US corporate government (Rs and Ds), the Vatican, the world banking system, various world crime syndicates (Russia's #2 world banker gunned down the other day--wonder what He knew?), other shadowy figures...and the innocents in the middle of these 'smug and strong-armed paternalists'--most of whom remain in denial at the world's peril.

New World Order 1993: Uranus conjunct Neptune> Sabian Symbol "18Capricorn"> "The Union Jack flies from a British warship"> negative/shadow side: smug and strong-armed paternalism.

Like my Mama always said: never trust a man who says, Trust Me.

9.16.06 4:14 pm

ps: here's a peek at tonight's dinner, a lovely broiled Ornate butterfish (from my Dreamyfish Art Gallery) which will be served with Lim's yummy and famous Pearl Biscuits with Butter Gravy. You should be jealous!


The Scotsman: Pope sparks fury among Muslims

Benedict's remarks Tuesday in Germany about Muslim's "spreading (their) religion by violence" are still enflaming the masses--guess the Vatican would know a lot about religion by sword and flame--now Christian churches are being attacked in the Middle East--way to go, Bennie.

Apologize, Mr. Infallible, even though SO'W believes this has been blown out of proportion--egged on by soundbites and a tone-deaf pope who may address this issue Sunday in his noontime prayer. He's upset and beset, and not so perfect after all, I guess...he's a man. Yet who among us can cast the first stone? 5:31 pm

ps: NPR is reporting that the King of Morocco has withdrawn his country's Ambassador to the Vatican. Who knew they had one?