September 20, 2006

Gerry Mander by jude cowell

Here's an (honorable?) reprint of my own verse, Gerry Mander, in expectation of the US's November elections:

Young Gerry Mander went to Congress 1994
when Gerry Mander got his way the Dems were out the door.
Redraw the maps and shove the bills
we'll win it all, y'see
for I am Gerry Mander of the greedy GOP.

Let's contract with America to throw sand in their eyes
and outsource jobs for CEOs to carry off the prize.
With oily wars and phones to tap we'll raid the treasury
to keep the cash-cow *mooing toward the greedy GOP.

Has Gerry found his way around the ethics on the Hill
while letting all the lobbyists write every single bill?
Our rights, our laws, our Constitution just a memory
to grand ole Gerry Mander of the greedy GOP.

Young Gerry's gotten older for it's now 2006
he's helped a few casinos with his gaudy bag o'tricks.
In '94 he raised our hopes and vowed transparency
but now he's just a cipher for the greedy GOP.

2008 approaches and more fraud is in the wings
he speaks of immigration and a thousand other things
except the one we need to hear that our election's free
from any interference from the greedy GOP.

jude cowell (coh'wull) (c) May 26, 2006; reposted: 9.20.06

Use, but attribute please!

*"mooing" was originally "flowing"--either works.