September 20, 2006

Cat Fight at the UN Rraoww-w--w!!

Mr.A.Cat has been very interested in the shenanigans going on at the UN this week between Bush, Ahmadinejad, Chavez, and the rest of the critters, and he's phoned in this limerick for posting:

A kitten was bitten with verve
addressing the UN with nerve
with tassle and fez
he spat at the prez
his own propaganda to serve.

The kitten of Chavez did level
a charge at George Bush as the devil
Bush touts everything
as if he were king
his world-ownership's just a revel.


Yeah, Bush is goin' down, which is well-deserved--Lim, Mr.A.Cat, and I just wish America could be saved out of the wreckage he's orchestrated.

Check out Stars Over Washington for some starry info on Mr.Bush's doin's and some interesting dates upcoming...Saturn (US) opposite Neptune (Middle East)...the stand-off continues.

9.20.06 12:25 pm

tags: UN Cat Limericks