August 5, 2006

Saga of the Cat in DC

So Lim is on strike in the kitchen unless and until I post this froth of a long, long limerick...a "saga", indeed. I hope you don't mind especially since this particular cat won't be running again. But perhaps it refers to his clones coming down the pike, too:

Don't vote for the cat in DC
who's not what you thought he would be
he's crooked and surly
with bodyguards burly
and lies like a rug on tv.

He means to change all of our laws
the Bill of Rights losing its claws
you know there's a lie told
when voting with Diebold
no paper trail tracking his paws.

But how something start's how it ends
for better or worse--that depends
on motive and reason
might Constitute treason
when he gets together with friends.

So fascism's now on the rise
he gazes in somebody's eyes
against me or for me
you'd better adore me
if you want to share in the prize.

The runt of the litter we got
uniter was what he was not
he's wily and cunning
his resume's stunning
with alcohol, cocaine, and pot.

Our pig in a poke is a swine
who put all we've got on the line
while he risks and gambles
our nation's in shambles
his hubris is over the line.

A.Cat (as transcribed by Lim and typed/posted by jc)

(This one ought to offend almost anyone reading it, so profuse apologies to those who wear their political indoctrinations on their sleeves--you really shouldn't be reading this blog at all! And it doesn't get any better than this--WHAT were you thinking? And WHO can control cats with political leanings, I ask you???-jc)

8.5.06 3:33 pm (can hear water boiling in the kitchen--perhaps tonight's dinner will appear after all)

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