August 22, 2006

Republican Cat

This one is quite tiresomely long, so you'd better start right in before the phone rings, the tea kettle boils, or the paint dries:

Republican Cat lost his way
it took Chucky Hagel to say
a cat with no tail
a ship without sail
but can Democrats hold their sway?

A New Moon for Dems on the rise
but don't gaze in Georgie Boy's eyes
his list of blackmails
will lower your sails
lest Feingold make off with the prize.

In Washington word gets around
the funkiest blackmailin' town
just ask and they tell
your secrets will sell
then ruin your fame and renown.

A rep is a delicate thing
for poet or jester or king
the poet that's me
the king is Georgie
and Karl is the clown with the string.

You may wish these verses would end
without all the fate they portend
but who are we kiddin'?
the end is forbidden
until all our troubles we mend.


Fatigued by Limerick? Then you know how I'v been feelin'!

The reference above to the Democratic Party's New Moon is in their Progressed Chart--it's the beginning of a 28-29 year cycle, and actually occurred August 3, 2006 at 23 Sagittarius, Sabian Symbol: "Immigrants entering a new country">ENTRANCE:

Positive: courage in crossing new frontiers and skill in repeating or improving on prior achievement (that'd be nice.)

Negative or Shadow Side: a surrender of the real in pursuit of the false.

Hmmph. Sounds a lot like the staunch Saturn (reality; authority; control) opposition to nebulous, veiling Neptune (delusion; imagination; dissolution) which is coming into exact degree as I type--on August 31, which is a red letter day in the Iran-Washington Stalemate...and "stalemate" is the perfect word. Now who's Saturn (US) and who's Neptune (Middle East)?

Why, even Iran's use of serious (Saturn) ambiguities (Neptune) fits the bill for this difficult opposition the world is experiencing once again--in fact, their last opposition was during the Arab Oil Embargo of the early 1970's. Are ya feelin' it yet?

So--the Republican Party had their New Moon a while ago...perhaps it will soon be their turn to cry. Either way, they're all about the same, with the same masters picking up the tab...or tabby, if you're talking CATS, says Lim, who wanted to get his paw in.

That's one pithy thing Mr.A.Cat, Lim, and I can heartily but fretfully agree upon...they're in up to their necks together. That's one of the main reasons the "ethics" evolution fizzled, major pocket-lining being the other.

Prying out the entrenched crooks won't be easy!

For more Political Astrology visit Stars Over Washington for rather brazen details on the miscreants, thieves, and perps of our nation with a somewhat naughty peek under the hood (I said, hood!!)

8.22.06 10:05 pm

UPDATE 8.23.06: Our brother-in-rhyme, Ed Bremson, over at The Tao of Politics (possibly the coolest blog name in today's world) has new song lyrics, Get the Hell Out of Iraq, which you can read or hear at The Tao of Politics ,and which speaks for the majority of people in the US and around the world. Thanks, Ed!

On Monday, when Bush said that we'd stay in Iraq as long as he was president, I thought, ok...let's take YOU out then. So if you have a blog or a website, sign up to participate in September 1st's IMPEACH Campaign at --it'll be 24 hours of making it clear to muddleheaded politicians who've forgotten who's boss around here.

May the Sheeple take back America! Power to the Sheeple!