August 26, 2006

phat cat in phinest phettle

Saturday night and Lim won't hush until I post a tiresomely long and ill-humored limerick. He's got to come out of his miffdom so he'll agree to chef for tomorrow's party, so I have few options. Did I mention we have a few friends coming by for some chow on Sunday?

Well, I hope you're settled in for the duration on this one, but remember--Do NOT Read This Limerick if you wear your political indoctrinations on your sleeve. Yet you may want to pass it on to any brash young kittens you can find:

A phat cat was in phinest phettle
but then he bethunk him to meddle
he liked to intrude
to go for the crude
while freedom he said he would peddle.

Democracy failed to take root
in spite of the gun and the boot
it wasn't much trouble
to inflate the bubble
with all of the breeze he would shoot.

It's better in Baghdad he said
except for the maimed and the dead
to cut and run now
might weaken the Dow
and make Paulson mad at the Fed.

Then Cheney's war profits could wane
portfolio right down the drain
the big wheeler dealer as if he's a healer
might tell us he's feeling our pain.


Now it's off to Snoozyland for the typist amongst us...

8.26.06 9:56 pm

Here's a look at my Stars Over Washington post on Hank Paulson's natal chart ...enjoy!