August 8, 2006

on Turtle Lane

Lim is quite upset about Congress selling him out to AT&T, so he's wanting me to post a little ditty he wrote late last evening (while shelling peas):

On Turtle Lane there lives a kitten
by web-surfing he's been smitten

suddenly he's filled with fear
he's not in the upper tier

still he sends his twenty-three
to his spying ISP

as he surfed he almost cried
found permission was denied

now his websurfs are erratic
not so very democratic.

by Lim

Well, I must agree esp since our choices are few. Not everyone lives in or near a city with cable options! So much for internet democracy which seems to be leading to more spying and control over one's enemies--esp bloggers! jc 8.8.06 10:55 am

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