August 15, 2006

Megalomaniac Cat

It's a rainy day here at Lim's and we've spent the morning sifting through the mysterious packets sent by Mr.A.Cat and thinking that a post would be in order.

Then a secret phone call was taken by Lim behind the door, much whispering ensued, and this is the result...a somewhat cheeky communique:

The megalomaniac cat
will fly off the handle or bat
when barking his orders
turn off tape recorders
or you'll get a tit for a tat.

No camera crew with him will fly
unless they've been paid on the sly
he turns up for money
to dish out the honey
and meet the elite bye'n'bye.


No comment from me--I'm modestly stunned by Mr.A.Cat's words even while being awed by his years of service to our nation. And I'm quite sure he has a right to his opinion!

While others get out the vote--I must, it seems, get out the limerick. If one little limerick Forces You to the voting booth, then it'll be worth it..if only to find relief from the limericks of Mr.A.Cat...may as well vote while you're there.

Chow? No word on Lim's chefly duties for this evening...there's no water boiling on the hob, no filets marinading in the fridge...we had left-overs last evening, so I wonder...what's for dinner?

8.15.06 12:36 pm

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Lim now has his own email address...and I'm certain he can get a message to Mr.A.Cat, if you wish. Email Lim!

And from our BTW Department...tonight's dinner was Sardine Sauce over must be thankful for the smaller things, mustn't one?

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