August 9, 2006

Mata Hari

Princess Grace finally got her dinner last evening, you'll be relieved to know, and it was worth the wait--Lim created a new shrimp dish--a Souffle with Creamy Seahorse Sauce, Artichoke Fritters, and Pearl Biscuits with Butter Gravy (a personal favorite of mine.) Grace perked right up for that!

Now I must perk up and post this verse for Mr.A.Cat who means only well, he says:

The secretive cat Mata Hari
looks sexy and sleek in a sari
she views all your pages
for maximum wages
then dines on rare steak and Compari.

Reporting to boss Mr. Hayden
into deeper waters she's wadin'
ignoring our rights
she turns out the lights
while White House integrity's fadin'.


There! Perhaps that will suffice for a day or so. The second packet of missives has been gone through quite thoroughly and I can tell you that a few of the limericks contained therein are offensive, bad-humored, and much too pithy for comfort.

But I'll have to cross that bridge when it presents itself. Good day!

jc 8.8.06 10:29 am

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