August 2, 2006

Kitten from York

Here's a ditty which Lim insists I post so ok ok ok....

There once was a kitten from York
who parsed all her words with a fork
between you and me
she went to DC
to bring home the fat and the pork.


(Isn't that what American politics have come down to? I fail to see how this "kitten" could get herself elected these days if she didn't entertain the swine-leanings of her abuse meant, just...well, let's move onto another subject near to Lim's heart--what's for dinner?)

Lim has accepted a Special Delivery parcel at the door just now--Blue-spotted wrasse filets from Australia and some nice little Tasmanian clingfish from Point Peron for the entree...wonder how he'll stir it up tonight?

8.2.06 3:21 pm


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