August 4, 2006

kitten from Blair

Well, Lim fired up the grill and the False senator wrasse steaks were dee-lish especially with the garlic marinade he Liberally doused them in. Lim really seems to have his hopes up for Nov '06 AND Nov '08!

And Mr.A.Cat's second mystery packet has now been rummaged through and this is what fell out this evening:

Don't cry for the kitten from Blair
infused with a world-leading flair
he pounded the table
as if he were able
to lead the UK on a dare.

When George got the dog biscuits out
we heard Tony issue a shout
a poodle's a feeder
who follows the leader
until all their lies are found out.


Sounds like a certain Cat knows more than he's telling--but what he knows about poodles remains to be seen...

8.4.06 7:35 pm

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