August 4, 2006

ill-gotten AND ill-fated?

Mr.A.Cat's mittens are still removed on this verse and I can't say I blame him with all that's going on...he sounds quite put-out by the whole "leaders", my patootie:

The US and all of her ills
and taxpayers footing the bills
with Bush over-rated
ill-gotten's ill-fated
let's throw out the bums and the shills.

A.Cat (with expectations of Nov 2008)

In astrology and elsewhere, they say that how a thing begins is how it will end...or "the end is in the beginning."

It's very much part of the karma thing--the inevitability of reaping what you sow. Ever heard of antinomianism? The "elect" who think that anything they decide to do is ok by God because the "elect" can't make if they are above natural laws, which is what karma is about...the gall! Thinking themselves on par with God is the height of hubris! Why, that's how sin came in, as Lucifer well knows!

On another note:

Dinner tonight is about the False senator wrasse steaks which Lim has had delivered to my door, and I can't wait to see what he does with them. If you want to see a False senator wrasse (and the "real" false senators are leaving DC today as I type, so you may have to make do with this portrait), go to the Dreamyfish Art Gallery where you'll see one of the non-voting kind floating about within his fondest dream. Have a sneaky peek, m'peops!

8.4.06 12:51 pm

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