August 6, 2006

Got Props?

Here's a poem of sorts which I had published on as my own--but in my defense, it was Before Lim showed up at my door with his demands, and just Before the mysterious packets of Mr.A.Cat's limericks and rhymes arrived in the mail...don't judge me:

Through forests, glens, and dales
your harvards and your yales
the bushgang never fails
to prop us.

They prop us in the morn
with cornflakes and with porn
it's best when gently born
they prop us.

When none believe their lies
or order Freedom Fries
you see it in their eyes
they prop us.

So find the truth today
before it melts away
the propagandists say
don't drop us.


There! I feel better already...coming clean on one's plagiarism is always a good idea, si? And the fragrance of Baked Foxfish is wafting through the house as I type....yummy! Go to Dreamyfish Art to catch a gander of a lovely Foxfish, if you wish! jc

8.6.06 5:16 pm

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