August 1, 2006

gal from Chicago

The rumor is that American eels need special consideration since Md. Dams to Get New Pathways Just for Eels. American eels prefer slow water, Lim says, but it sounds a bit odd to me as we Americans are't known for our siestas.

Well, Lim is trying another eel recipe much to my dismay. Guess they couldn't get away from the net in time...slow little boogers. And I'm havin' 'em for din din.


You may find that Mr A.Cat has pulled off his mittens with this limerick--no obfuscating cats to be found anywhere...just snails:

There once was a gal from Chicago
who dined on fine wine and escargot
she reigned on The Hill
she's serving there still
her marriage to Bill is dead cargo.



8.1.06 6:00 pm

6:15 pm Din Din UPDATE: Well the Briney Eel Stew didn't take long...they slide right down...if it weren't for the croutons there'd be no chewing necessary. Arghh-h! jc
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