August 18, 2006

Crappy Cat

With my frisk returned after the pickled herring episode, I'm posting a brand- spanking new limerick phoned in just a while ago, and prior to Lim's foray into the kitchen to bake my favorite Pearl Biscuits with Butter Gravy for tonight's din din:

It's not that the cat is so crappy
he is after all like his pappy
a chip off the block
from elitist stock
a camel's nose under tent flappy.

On tv he's looking too sappy
forgetting to follow Road Mappy
his push-freedom project
not sparkling with logic
is tattered and tortured and gappy.


Now some say Bush is crap, but I'll not comment on this silly verse which speaks for itself in an ill-humored sort of way and then some...other than this: camels should probably keep their noses out of other peoples' tent flaps...I DO know that.

Ever had a kitty cat who fondly remembered mom's milk and made "kitty biscuits"? Then you know how good at kneading dough for lovely Pearl Biscuits our Chef Lim is!

jc 8.18.06 4:06 pm

WHY Lim's Limericks by A.Cat ? What's goin' on here anyway?

And where's the Proof of Lim's Secret Activities! ...hmm-m? Caught in the act--cat on film!