August 21, 2006

caught in the act

Here's one of Mr.A.Cat's limericks about a kitten caught in the act, and slyly we see Princess Grace sweeping hidden places for bugs...seems she thinks the NSA is onto Lim--and she'll go to any lengths to protect Mr.A.Cat!

Guess I knew that cats were's their political leanings that continue to surprise me...

A kitten was caught in the act
of fudging and fixing the fact
that he has no clothes
Pinnochio's nose
will tell of the honor he lacked.

His left paw was caught in the till
his right one he used for the shill
to tell the elite
that offshores are sweet--
the sheeple will finance the bill.


Ok: now with limerick-posting duties done, I may ask Lim, what's for dinner?
He's been promising Lobster-Artichoke Pie, and since he's pre-heating the oven as I type, my wish may be coming true...

8.21.06 7:57 pm