August 25, 2006

cat of the people

Lim is really squawking this afternoon so I'd better get this limerick posted forthwith if I expect to partake of the Blue Crab Goulash for tonight's supper!

Let's mimic the cat of the people
who said, all the power to the sheeple
he lifted his paws
to champion our laws
and shout, down with Bush, from the steeple.

We don't want a dictating ruler
a liar, deceiver, and fooler
to stay on this path
of war's aftermath
there must be a head that is cooler.

But how do we find such a one
to clean up the mess of the son
whose pappy did know
to Baghdad don't go
and now Shrub has bombed Lebanon.

So Chalabi set up the scene
as if any war could be clean
with Lebanon down
and bombs to go 'round
can Reason or Faith intervene?

Corruption: the best of the West?
Is that all we brood in our nest?
Is anyone able
to sit at the table
and follow the path that is best?

So down with the psychopath crew
the reason the world's in a stew
when West vs East
it's beast vs beast
it isn't just me, dear, it's you.


Posted by jc 8.25.06 5:34 pm Whew! You go, A.Cat! The fragrance of Goulash is wafting through the room now...