August 8, 2006

cat from Perdue

Here's one wumped out kitty, isn't she? Princess Grace, a former colleague of Mr.A.Cat in the service, waits patiently for Lim's promised dinner fare, and as you see, she's just about had it. Me, too, so I'd better get some *froth posted so he'll speed up those pots'n'pans...and before I fall alseep with head in feedbag m'self:

Don't mess with the cat from Perdue
he'll send the cops looking for you
and prop all your gandas
then headhunt your pandas
while stalking the National Zoo.

The National Zoo's not for cats
or pandas or lions or bats
the lowing and mooing
of Congress is stewing
fat pork in the lobbyists' vats.


*With Mr.A.Cat's well-known sentiments concerning the 'culture of corruption' in Washington, I may as well fulfill his wishes by posting the above limerick concerning Washington's National Zoo. And since I once lived near the Zoo with its lovely monkey calls wafting through my kitchen window early each morn, I humbly apologize to its inhabitants, their dedicated keepers, and to any pandas who may take understandable offense.

Speaking of pandas, Twin Pandas Each Have Twin Cubs in China...double wow! See the photo of the tiny little mites!

8.8.06 7:11 pm

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