August 22, 2006

Cat from No-mentum

Well, I never! A.Cat is insisting that a second verse be added to Crappy Cat so check below, if you dare. Meanwhile...

This morning's limerick is a two-parter based on Joe Lieberman's current travails:

There once was a cat from No-mentum
who yelled his frustrations to vent 'em
Connecticut said
we'd rather have Ned
forgetting the years they had sent 'im.

What happens to Ds that are Rs
like kittens who run under cars
you know that the splat
was once a fat cat
who helped blast the spaceship to Mars.


My assumption is that the last line is primarily a reference to the traditional connection of Mars to war, violence, strife, and quarrels. I know we've got gracious plenty of them all nowadays. So where was Joe when we needed a calmer head? Where were any of our learless feaders during the Bush administration's steady drumbeat to war? One word: Feingold! or was his vote against the Iraq War a set-up for his future candidacy? Sheesh! Distrust breeds mockery and ridicule--our best defense against their cynical thievery, corruption, and propaganda! Clap your hands if you believe, and...

Mock On!

8.22.06 10:50 am