August 13, 2006

cat from Nevada

As you may know, Lim is a boarder around here, as I aid him with his A.Cat Project to get out the limerick.

Princess Grace, a regular visitor and former colleague in the service with Mr.A.Cat, is in a snit today due to my publishing of her photo yesterday as she practiced her undercover skills. This I would not undo if I could--and I refuse, so Grace and I are on the outs today.

My own cat, Libby, went out on a mission of her own this morning at 4 am, but is now back and resting well in her favorite chair (no Libby pics available--a camera-shy kitty, of all things! Can you imagine?)

This leaves me to post a new limerick written by Mr.A.Cat, transcribed by Lim, and typed/posted by yours truly--and here's an ALERT---it's not for the squeamish...esp the squeamish in Nevada, if indeed there be such. And all apologies to the residents thereof--for in service of a greater good, Mr.A.Cat rhymes where he pleases:

We sigh for the cat from Nevada
whose faith seemed to ask intifada
he bombed once or twice
to gain Paradise
but all that it got him was nada.


(See? I have little or no control over these cats...surprised? Don't be.)

Dinner will be left-overs from last evening's repast, as I've just been informed by Chef Lim. And funny thing--I Googled "Chef Lim" and found one of the two-legged variety! Now that's a real hoot, according to Lim of the four legs! He's still chuckling over that one...

8.13.06 4:42 pm

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