August 19, 2006

Cat from Kentucky

Kentucky is one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited, so you may imagine my horror when I saw today's proffered verse from the mail packet--Lim's choice, not mine.

Mr.A.Cat seems to think nothing of impugning a lovely state like Kentucky in order to promote his political views--and as I've said before, who knew that cats were so politically inclined? But philosophically, one can relate it perfectly to the kind of promoting which politicians do every day--and in public, too!

You've heard of the cat from Kentucky
whose friends said, you should be more plucky
make all your reforms
as if they were norms
don't mind if the people say, yucky.

So off the cat went in his trucky
assuming his ideas were ducky
but one bad war later
the nation's a crater
our soldiers mired down in his mucky.


And on a happpier note, Lim's Pearl Biscuits last evening were light as a feather, but then it got even better--Lim tossed a little garlic into the Butter Gravy, and the rest is magic, as they say...

8.19.06 11:43 am