August 14, 2006

cat from the Isles

Lim insists that Mr.A.Cat wants this limerick posted forthwith in spite of the late hour, so here goes:

They laugh at the cat from the Isles
who lost his security files
when asked why he did
he secretly hid
his motives behind Cheshire smiles.


Well, I guess it's pretty obvious why he'd want it posted in a timely manner esp considering today's news in the UK about how the Government loses 24,000 ID passes ...that little security oops seems to be what he's on about.

And with the news that NASA has managed to lose the original footage of the US Moon Landing, Lim is wondering if perhaps they accidentally taped over it...maybe with Squirrels Gone Wild, Lim says (his favorite video--naughty Lim.)

Guess this means that all those people who've always said that the Moon Landing was faked are celebrating now...the jig is up! A soundstage in the Nevada desert was the place, besting the USSR was the reason. Well, if it was rigged, they can easily fake their fake footage...can't they?

8.15.06 1:00 am

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