August 12, 2006


Princess Grace vanishes during her undercover work...or does she? You be the decider.

Now Lim says, post! So I'm posting a limerick from Mr.A.Cat which he has written in honor of the President's vacation time...seems cats aren't much impressed with Bush esp considering the state of the world at the moment--in which he had a decided hoof:

A feline stopped by Albuquerque
en route to his ranch like a turkey
the whole world may moan
he'll work it by phone
pretend he's not lazy and shirky.


Whew! That ought to hold him and Lim for a day or so, I'm hopin'. Lim is cooking up a mess of Boxfish Stew with Artichoke Noodles...never had it before, but I'm fairly certain it'll be memorable after this evening.

You may choose to view my dinner...a Polka dot boxfish (pre-stew) at Dreamyfish Art--freshly drawn and published for a sneak peek!

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