July 16, 2006

The Lion of Strauss

Ok ok ok...I'll post this one since it's short. (I've now been called a fraidy-cat...a challenge I am determined to meet):

Remember the Lion of Strauss
the cat who debated a mouse?
he taught Wolfowitz
to go for the glitz
now Hayden is raidin' your house.


(Have I mentioned how many typos I manage to catch at the keyboard so that this blog won't be a complete freak show...? Or maybe it is complete.)

jc 7.16.06 11:52 pm


It's now MONDAY--can't believe I'm adding this on now--it's one of Lim's own--but the cat can't sleep until this is posted so hopefully relief is on the way:

Right's Feast

They've gone past slinging mud
and calling now for blood
with hate speech ringing out
you hear the nazis shout

don't listen to the beast
who wants you at his feast
or think he cares for you
you'll soon be supper too.

(almost reluctantly posted on behalf of Lim) 7.17.06

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