July 12, 2006

Lim's Limericks by A.Cat

Jude Cowell, here. Three packets of scribblings have turned up in my morning mail...I'm not sure what to make of them so I include the first--some kind of introduction--for your consideration.

Warning: there are liminal limericks involved...seems they "occur" at dawn mostly...or sometimes at dusk, thus the liminality of the Collective Unconscious reveals itself:

To Whom It May Concern,

It is only by one's fellow creatures that one should be described intimately for others.

My close friend, A.Cat, hails "from" many places, whatever one means by that. And so, it is only over many a late-night fireside chat--and only when he was feeling himself a chatty chat (a curious mixture of Anglaise and French)--that he has unburdened himself with his thoughts and reminiscences for me to record for your review.

His tales may seem somewhat extraordinary and of an unusually disclosing nature, yet his notoriety is unknown in many quarters--a circumstance which suits A.Cat very dandily.

He would remain but a mythic figure if he could for he seeks not the limelight and prefers a modest supper of fish and squid to the finest feasts in the upper-crust dining halls he has frequented around the globe and has indeed become accustomed to.

Only now has he favored me with his request that I write down his exploits in order that profit of understanding may acrue to the young, brash kittens everywhere who may think themselves to change the world.

The ultimate reputation of A.Cat I shall leave for you to remark upon, and if you should do so, please sign me a most humble friend, a diligent scribe, and the closest bossom confidante of


*posting next: one of the liminal limericks from the packet--many seem to be of a political bent, but not entirely. Some are written as the merest and simplest verse, others are in the afore-threatened limerick form. All are cheeky--some are insulting with bad humor, misdirected energy, and a certain pithiness. If you wear your political indoctrinations on your sleeve, you may want to skip this part.

But above all...Do Beware: limericks are especially annoying when lame and liminal!

Jude Cowell 7.12.06 10:14 pm edt
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