July 19, 2006

A Kitten Written in Stars

At last we have agreed to a compromise, Lim, A.Cat and I...the first part of this limerick shall be posted but I reserve the right to hold off on the second refrain for now.

I'm not saying the second part will or will not be posted of this frothy diatribe--but even a large bowl of Lim's Urchin Soup with rosemary won't get the second one out of me unless it turns out to be a good idea. And I don't know when I'll know that--I'll just know...

A kitten was written in stars
determined to take us to Mars
a war without end
he's nobody's friend
let's dress him in feathers and tars.



ps: I will not post the second part until At Least tomorrow and perhaps not then. -jc
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