July 15, 2006

a kitten with gall, y'all and Old Rummy

If you're not sure what's going on with this blog read the first post Lim's Limericks by A.Cat for a heads-up!

Saturday: It was mentioned to me this morning that November elections cometh and so I should type up this particular ditty as a reminder for US voters everywhere:

There once was a kitten with gall
who pulled out ahead of them all
with no paper trail
he just couldn't fail
the bigger the harder they fall.

Then there's this regrettable verse which refers to Mr R's Sun-Pluto conjunction (power IS his personality) natally speaking:

Gettin' old, Mr Rumsfeld, gettin' old
you were just behind the door
like a fluffer for the war

Gettin' old, Mr Rumsfeld, gettin' old
Sun and Pluto are a pair
in your woolen underwear

You've been told, Mr Rumsfeld, you've been told
get that monkey off your hump
'cos we'd like to kick your rump

You're a scold, Mr Rumsfeld, you're a scold
when they write your epitaph
darts will hit your photograph

You're so old, Mr Rumsfeld, you're so old
you're just really really old, Man, give it up

they say old soldiers fade away
so get thee ready for Judgement Day

Man, give it up and over, Grumpious Dude--
you are a massive pyschopathic
psychotic episodic nightmare

and you ain't no Robert McNamara
hey! wait a minute--you ARE Robert McNamara
and will never rest in peace
for you have not brung it.


Well, Mr R just turned 74 on July 9, and he is certainly a grumpious and fractious dude. Hard to believe he 'means well' when he was part of the whole charade from the start. Do you smell obscene amounts of money? Eau d'Lucre Filthe, they used to call it...comes in a bracing After Shave, too.

So what are YOU having for lunch? Lim has warmed up the left-over squid but I'm feelin' a little green around the gills today--maybe I'll take a raincheck on the squid although it won't improve with age--just like Some People I know...


Speaking of fishiness...

here's a sampling of my botanically-drawn fish portraits the Dreamyfish Art SlideShow, if you're interested in undersea stuff...these are mugshots of fish snoots from Western Australia which have been lovingly drawn--and you'll find them within their secret dreams...enjoying their most private moments. Have a sneak peek!


And while I'm busy as a bee with Cross-Pollinating, there's an art sampling over at the Cosmic Persona Designs SlideShow so stop by if you get a mo!
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